Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy employs admitting shockwaves to an area of the body. The high-intensity sound waves interact with the tissues in the body resulting in the stimulation of blood vessels, reducing chronic inflammation, stimulating the production of collagen, and dissolving calcium build-up. The act of applying shockwaves to a non-healing area is believed to encourage the healing process and promote pain relief to chronic conditions. The true effectiveness of stimulating healing is said to be around 80-85% better than with pharmaceuticals alone.

Shockwave therapy is a sonic pulse that uses high energy acoustic waves paired with a high peak-pressure. The treatment cycle is short lived, only lasting for a few minutes and the energy produced by the sonic pulse must be focused in order to achieve the best quality of treatment.

Shockwave therapy is a procedure performed by a qualified practitioner that specialises in musculoskeletal therapies or shockwave therapy specifically.

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How to Book

Please first acquire your vets’ consent and then book an appointment with Emma to discuss your animal’s history and diagnosis. An examination will initially be performed to establish whether shockwave is the most suitable treatment option. Once these factors have been satisfied, we can book to start the treatment.

How to Book

Please Note

We recommend that animals are lightly sedated for the treatment as it is uncomfortable which means that they would need crate rest (Dogs) for a couple of hours to allow the sedation to wear off and prevent injury. We also recommend that your vet send a referral email or letter to us directly before commencing with this therapy as we like to see the X-ray or scan results before performing treatment.


3 sessions are usually enough. Once weekly for 3 weeks.

Each session Costs £90.