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You do not need to be referred to me by your vet but prior to treatment you will need to contact your Vet to obtain his/her consent to treat your animal. This is in line with the Veterinary Surgeons Act and is the law. It is in your animals’ best interest that your Vet is contacted as they may need to give me vital information about your animal’s medical history.

Make sure that you only employ qualified professionals as they are insured and fully qualified to work on your animal. The RAMP register allows vets and owners to check that their practitioner is fully qualified and meets high standards within the musculoskeletal healthcare profession. Click on this link for details.

Chiropractic care for animals draws on a strong background of Veterinary medicine and human Chiropractic techniques to create a healthcare system which is unique as it looks at your animal as a whole, and tries to find the cause and solution to their lameness or biomechanical problems.

Only IAVC registered Chiropractors are internationally recognised as the gold standard practitioners for Animal Chiropractic care and as such are the number one choice in animal therapy for musculoskeletal conditions.

Please make sure that your provider is a fully Qualified professional Chiropractor before letting them treat your loved ones. No animal practitioner is allowed to work on your pet without your vet’s permission due to the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1994.

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Small animals such as dogs and cats can book direct via our human clinic reception team on 01224 211517 or click below to send us an enquiry.

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